The Brigandshaw Chronicles Box Set (4-6) by Peter Rimmer

The Brigandshaw

The Brigandshaw Chronicles Box Set by Peter Rimmer (#1-3)
English | 2017 | Historical Fiction | ePUB | 2.2 MB

The Brigandshaw : The rise and fall of the Anglo-Saxon Empire. The first three novels in The Brigandshaw Chronicles.

1. Echoes from the Past
Two best friends divided by war. Can an Englishman and an Afrikaner carve out an existence for their families in the savage bush?

The Beginning: South Africa, 1887. Son of a tyrannical English sea captain, Sebastian Brigandshaw loves his childhood sweetheart and his country. But before he can marry, his cruel father banishes him and his broken heart to the British colonies. With the beauty of the backcountry and the goodwill of local Afrikaner Tinus, Seb builds a new life despite the threat of another Boer War on the horizon. But both men reluctantly find themselves on opposing sides. Can their friendship survive the brutal conflict, or are they destined to fight to the death for their countries?

2. Elephant Walk
War is inevitable, with two enemies finding themselves fighting on the same side. But one wants peace, the other intent on murder!

As 1914 approaches, England declares war on Germany. With the conflict in full swing and those closest to Harry Brigandshaw enlisting in the army, Harry’s brother is killed in action. Devastated, Harry enlists for vengeance. As he moves up the ranks, a past acquaintance from Oxford is also making a name for himself – the invincible killing machine, Fishy Braithwaite. Fishy becomes jealous and a burning hatred begins to simmer. The motive turns personal. Winning is not so important. Just who is Fishy after and who is he out to kill?

3. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Two men: one broken, the other, a vicious drunk. Can either man let go of their past without self-destructing?

Having been forced to return to England, Harry Brigandshaw immerses himself in hedonistic 1920 London. Conversely, his cousin, Barend Oosthuizen, wends his way to the gold mines of South Africa where violence and booze are the order of the day. Both have demons to settle. But Elephant Walk is calling where only the mad go out in the midday sun. Both men are lured back where the madness is about to begin all over again. There’s a price to pay. Who will it be, Harry or Barend?

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