The Bright Lights, Dark Secrets Collection (2-6) by Nolon King

The Bright Lights, Dark Secrets Collection (2-6)

The Bright Lights, Dark Secrets Collection by Nolon King (#2-6)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

From the best selling author of Pretty Killer, No Justice, and 12 comes The Bright Lights Dark Secrets Collection. Nolon King’s Bright Lights Dark Secrets is an unforgettable series of fast-paced psychological thrillers set in the glitzy world of entertainment’s power players, exploring the lies we tell ourselves as we chase our ambitions and the sacrifices we make for success. A writer tricked into a deadly affair by a psychotic stalker fan … A serial killer expert taunted by her latest bloodthirsty subject … An actor whose success could destroy everyone he loves… A mother driven to prostitution by her husband’s poor decisions … A celebrity chef stalked by a former lover who threatens her career … A filmmaker hounded by the sexual predator who obliterated her childhood … Nolon King writes driven, complex heroes and heroines whose families are torn apart by secrets, in a world where unruly passion gives birth to violence.


2. Close to Home
3. Red Carpet Black
4. Tell Me No Lies
5. Heat To Obsession
6. Fade To Black

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