The Burning Water: A Pandemic Novel by Neil S. Plakcy

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The Burning Water: A Pandemic Novel by Neil S. Plakcy
English | 2020 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | ePUB | 1.3 MB

The Sotho people of Lesotho are one of the world’s most genetically pure populations—and AIDS has ravaged the country, leaving thousand of orphans who can be pulled into deadly situations.

An unscrupulous North Korean doctor runs a secret research operation near the Chinese border. He is developing viruses based on genetic information, and finds these orphan children the perfect subjects for his inquiries.

One winter day at this isolated facility, a boy squirms while getting an injection. The needle holding an experimental virus is knocked out before it’s empty and some of the virus is exposed to the air.

An American journalist joins forces with a Chinese doctor, and a doctor and nurse from this blandly named Children’s Research Institute. Surrounded by the dead and dying, they rush to understand what has happened—and what the consequences will be for a world that has never seen a global pandemic like this before.

The Burning Water is the story of how the virus spreads, the heroic efforts of those who try and stop it—and the deadly secret the virus holds.

Ripped from the headlines, The Burning Water explores how a deadly virus like SARS or COVID-19 can escape a laboratory, infect local people– and then spread world-wide.

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