The Butch Nolan Trilogy Box Set by Mark Gillespie

The Butch Nolan Trilogy Box Set

The Butch Nolan Trilogy Box Set by Mark Gillespie (#1-3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.8 MB

Butch Nolan wants revenge. And not even the end of the world will get in his way. Like Mad Max? If so, you’ll love Butch Nolan. One man. Three books. Endless adventure and excitement at the end of the world. Discover the thrilling, fast-paced post-apocalyptic series.

1. Nolan’s Ark
They betrayed him. They left him for dead. And… They killed his dog. A shocking aerial attack hits the major cities of America. On the same night, Butch Nolan wakes up in a Hollywood parking lot to find his dog Diesel lying dead beside him. Nolan, star of the post-apocalyptic TV show Goliath, and former UFC heavyweight champion, knows he doesn’t have much time to find those responsible. The bombs are falling and America is on the brink of collapse. But justice must be served. An enraged Nolan climbs into Goliath, a spectacular Monster Bus-Tank and sets off to find and punish the dog killer. He wants revenge. And not even the end of the world will get in his way.

2. ManHunter
Five years after the meltdown. The residents of LakeTown, a small trading settlement in Oregon, want to live in peace. But warring factions and local bandits have other ideas, constantly raiding the helpless town and stealing their precious water supply. Desperation takes hold and the LakeTowners turn to an unlikely hero for help – Butch Nolan. Nolan is a cold-hearted killer with a score to settle. Having survived the meltdown and his injuries, Nolan knows that revenge still stops for nothing. Not even the end of the world.

3. Deathflix
Butch Nolan’s five-year quest for revenge has almost destroyed him. Leaving a long line of death and tragedy behind, Nolan rides into Washington State hot on the heels of his target, Damon Rage, former President of the United States. But the road to revenge is full of surprises. Nolan is knocked off course. He gets caught up in the horrors of Deathflix, a combination of live entertainment and public executions. Time is running out. Can Nolan fight his way out of Deathflix and resume his pursuit of the ex-president? Or will Rage cross the border and disappear into Canada, escaping the wrath of Nolan forever? One thing’s for sure. This is where it ends.

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