The Cajun Piñata by Bill King

The Cajun Piñata

The Cajun Piñata by Bill King (Pete Cortez FBI Thrillers Book 5)
English | 2021| Mystery Thriller | ePUB | 6.6 MB

A seemingly innocent traffic accident one Saturday afternoon in a small Louisiana town leads to the discovery of a major drug smuggling network operating out of rural East Texas. The subsequent drug trafficking investigation soon runs headlong into a major FBI money laundering investigation, as it becomes apparent that the small-town drug trafficking operation is part of a sophisticated money laundering enterprise extending into Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America.
A brother and sister inherit a financially struggling East Texas lumber mill two decades earlier. To help shore up the finances, they enter a Faustian Bargain where they agree to use their transportation network to distribute drugs (cocaine, and later meth) for an old friend from Mexico to the Southeast and Midwest. The brother runs the mill and the logistics/shipping operation, while his sister is responsible for legitimizing the proceeds through investments in real estate, restaurants, college athletics, and entertainment to create a diverse and sustainable money-laundering system.
By the time law enforcement even becomes aware of their existence, the siblings are already laundering several hundred million dollars a year, including more than $70 million a year through the local private university.

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