The Carnival of Curiosities by David Leadbeater

 The Carnival of Curiosities

The Carnival of Curiosities (Matt Drake Book 27) by David Leadbeater
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

David Leadbeater has published more than 40 novels and sold over a million Amazon Kindle e-books. All 25 parts of the Matt Drake series were international bestsellers and continue to top the charts in 2020. The first part of his Relic Hunters series won the inaugural Amazon Kindle Storyteller award in 2017.

When Drake’s team respond to a desperate message sent by Cam’s sister, they find themselves thrown into the middle of a volatile, fifty-year-old feud about to ignite the warring traveling clans of Romania.

Cam’s father has controlled the mysterious Carnival of Curiosities for half a century, managing a dreadful criminal conspiracy behind its entertaining façade. Surrounded by myth, magic and death, the carnival tours Romania, attracting huge audiences but hiding a terrible secret.

Dahl and Alicia storm across the country, trying to rescue Cam’s sisters, who have been abducted by a rival clan, whilst the others infiltrate the carnival. Betrayal, bloodshed and murder reign in the shadows cast by the Ferris wheel, the Wall of Death, and the burlesque.

The Roma clans have been clashing for more than half a century. That conflict is about to erupt into all-out war, and the battleground will be the Carnival of Curiosities. The Roma clans are massing. A corrupt slave-trafficking government official is sending an army. And Matt Drake’s entire team are caught right in the middle.

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