The Cat’s Paw by Kat Shepherd

The Cat's Paw

The Cat’s Paw by Kat Shepherd (Gemini Mystery Series, Book 2)
English | 2021 |Children/Young Adult | ePUB | 3.1 MB

When Martin the red panda goes missing from the zoo, the Gemini Detective Agency takes it upon themselves to crack the case. Join them and help the teenage sleuths solve their next mystery!

Twins Zach and Evie Mamuya and their friends Vishal Desai and Sophia Boyd make up the Gemini Detective Agency. They’ve helped solve the case of the stolen diamond necklace known as the North Star, and now they’ve got an even bigger mystery to solve.

During a dinner at the zoo, Martin the red panda goes missing. And even worse, there’s a bobcat’s paw print located in his enclosure! But what first looked like an unfortunate incident in the animal kingdom starts to look more like foul play when the Gemini Detective Agency finds a crumpled flier that says “Free Martin.” Then they learn about local dealings in an online exotic black market where people can buy rare animals. Could Martin have been set free by extreme animal activists, or is this the work of someone involved in the black market for rare animals and will they be able to find Martin before it’s too late?

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