The Celestial Minds by J. Benjamin

 The Celestial Minds

The Celestial Minds by J. Benjamin
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 6.7 MB

I’m a writer, a techie, and a resident of the People’s Republic of California. When not envisioning the next sci-fi epic, you’ll find me doing a Barry’s workout, jogging to the beach, or searching for the best new taco joint. Aside from writing, I also enjoy chill-wave, 3D puzzles, and constructing new inventions with a Raspberry Pi.

Two years ago, humanity made first contact with aliens. Today, the universe is a
dangerous place for humans.
Dr. Valerie Alessi, a top astronomer for the Global Space Federation, is returning to space
for the first time in three years. An exobiology assignment brings her to Lunar Japan’s New
Tokyo just hours before allied Earth forces overthrow the GSF. With no job or home, Valerie and
her wife are now refugees on the moon.
But Minister Endo has a new mission: help unlock the secrets of their special acquisition,
Minerva—the Aquarian vessel that saved Dr. Kiara Lacroix. Valerie is cautious about
exploring the alien vessel, but time is short as events start unfolding across the galaxy that
will transform humanity’s place in it. She’ll have to use spacetime technology to connect with
the ship; but is she ready for the dangerous consequences as Minerva wakes up…

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