The Chaosbringer by Colin Daumen

The Chaosbringer

The Chaosbringer (The Mage of Chaos Book 1) by Colin Daumen
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.2 MB

He calls himself Favian, and he says he’s from earth…

Vice had always looked different. Cursed as some kind of twisted halfling, his appearance makes the townsfolk both terrified and hateful. He spends his days struggling to coexist with the town and blaming himself for his mother’s hardships.

But when his burden becomes too much and he attempts to end it all, a flashing light blinds him. A meteor rains down, bringing with it mysterious voice that echoes in his mind. It calls itself Favian, and claims to come from a faraway place called Earth…

Paired with this strange voice and tasked with a destiny beyond his wildest imagination, Vice must grapple with his identity while carving out a place for himself in this world – and that’s not easy to do as a 6-foot purple monster with horns…

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