The City Between Series by W.R. Gingell (2-3, 6-8)

Between Decisions

The City Between Series by W.R. Gingell (2-3, 6-8)
English | 2021| Fantasy |ePUB| 6.7 MB

W.R. Gingell is a Tasmanian author who lives in a house with a green door.

2. Between Shifts – There’s a body beneath the skip bins. Fae on the forklift. A vampire in the manager’s office. And there’s definitely something skeevy going on in the locker rooms.
Hi. I’m Pet. Well, not exactly Pet. I am a pet.
I was meant to stay out of it, but somebody’s gotta do something when humans are being killed by Behindkind creatures.
Lucky for me, my owners are just as dangerous and inhuman as the bad guys…
…maybe more.

3. Between Floors -I’m not supposed to push through the boundaries of reality without supervision. I’m definitely not meant to drag a cop Between with me.
But stuff happens, you know?
Hi. I’m Pet. Well, not Pet, exactly. I am a pet.
Nothing too hard; I just cook and clean for the Behindkind who took over my house. Easy. But now one of my owners has gone missing. He’s fae, so it shouldn’t worry me, but if there’s something out there that can kidnap fae, I don’t wanna meet it.
Good thing I’ve got another two owners and a spare cop up my sleeve…

6. Between Walls – Don’t get too close to humans.
That’s rule number one. Well, it is if you’re an emotionally constipated fae lord. As far as I’m concerned, the vampire could do a better job of keeping his distance, but he’s never been that good at following the rules.
G’day. I’m Pet. Schrödinger’s Pet, these days; depends who’s asking.
I’m human, but when you hang around with enough Behindkind, it starts getting dangerous for the other humans around you. Humans like my friend Morgana. I tried to stay away, but now she needs my help and don’t get too close to humans isn’t exactly gunna cut it anymore.
I’ve got the feeling I’m about to find out why it’s such a bad idea.

7. Between Cases – G’day. I’m still here. Still Pet.
Well, I’m only two thirds of a Pet these days, but you might as well call me Pet anyway. Everyone does: everyone but the vampire, that is.
Life is more unbalanced these days—cases are cutting closer to home than usual. I thought I was the only one, but there are others like me: kids whose parents were murdered just like mine. Stuff that never fit into place before is beginning fall into place.
And my psychos are getting really weird. I mean, they’ve always been weird, but now they’re getting weirder.
Why would a fae lord decide to collaborate with humans?
Why has the fae steward started sneaking out at night?
And why is the vampire reading romance novels?

8. Between Decisions – Life is complicated.
I mean, life has always been complicated, but there’s a difference between monsters-are-trying-to-kill-you complications and monsters-are-in-love-with-you complications. I’m still not sure which is more dangerous.
G’day. I’m Pet. Two-thirds of a pet, anyway: the vampire isn’t claiming ownership these days, but he’s definitely encroaching. On the list of other encroaching complications is the threat of heirling trials, a certain fae lord, and a mysterious librarian—not to mention the thing that’s killing people on Hobart’s waterfront…
One day, I’ll have a normal life. Today is not that day.

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