The Coming Chaos by D.K. Holmberg

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The Coming Chaos

The Coming Chaos by D.K. Holmberg (The Elder Stones Saga Book 4)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 594 Kb

The Coming Chaos : The leader of the Ai’thol has worked for centuries on his plan to control the power of the stones. The final steps in that plan come into focus.
Altered and augmented by his increased connection to the metal lorcith, Haern must use this ability to protect the women he’s brought with him from the dangerous city of Dreshen. A series of attacks suggests a control over metal even Haern might not be able to withstand. Worse, the source of the attacks might be closer than he knows.
Daniel’s search for the remaining stone brings him to a surprising place. Once there, it becomes increasingly clear how little they know about the stones—or how to protect them. Answers require he learn how to master aspects of his powers that have been beyond him, but are essential for what is to come.
Lucy begins to suspect another threat that rivals even Olander Fahr. Learning more about this threat requires she chase the one person she fears most. If she can’t find and face the Architect, they won’t know what Olander Fahr intends in time to stop his plan.
Separated from the Great One, Ryn wants to understand her blessing, but she’s tasked with much more. Searching for answers reveals a deeper divide within the Ai’thol. As emissary, she shouldn’t be the one to fix it, but in the Great One’s absence, she might be the only one who can.
Power begins to gather to stop a great danger for more than the power of the Elder Stones is at stake.

“He turned and looked out into the distance, staring into the darkness. Every so often there came some swirling of movement, enough that he knew he needed to investigate, even if it meant leaving Elise and the others here.

“I won’t be gone long.”

She nodded, backing toward the fire, leaving him.

As he often did, he wished he could bring Elise with him. If he were stronger, maybe he could. Then again, it wasn’t so much that he lacked strength with lorcith—not anymore. It was more a matter of worrying for her safety if he encountered something.

Ever since the Forgers had pierced his hands with their strange metal bars designed to confine him, his connection to the metal—and others like it—had intensified. It had changed him, much the way the metal that had been implanted in Lucy had changed her.

Eventually he would need to return to Elaeavn, if only so he could begin to better understand the nature of the change. For now, he was an escort, providing whatever protection he could. With his newfound connection to the metal, he was able to offer far more protection than he ever had been able to before. Now he actually felt useful.”


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