The Complete H-Series of Eulalie Park BoxSet by Fiona Snyckers

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The Complete H-Series

The Complete H-Series of The Eulalie Park Mysteries Box Set by Fiona Snyckers (#0.5-6)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

The Complete H-Series : Eulalie Park is no ordinary private investigator and Prince William Island is no ordinary place. Anything can happen here and probably will.

Get the full, six-book “H” series of murder mysteries, as well as the prequel novella ‘Book Zero’, to catch up on Eulalie’s addictive adventures. Whether she is searching for a lost student on a haunted island, trying to catch a high society killer, or solving the mystery of her own mother’s disappearance, Eulalie Park never disappoints. Find out why The Sunday Times called this series “A fun and fast-paced read”, while Die Beeld said, “Snyckers’ books are fast-paced and exceptionally readable.”

0.5 Book Zero
Ten Years Ago. Eulalie Park is eighteen years old – nervous and excited about starting her freshman year at college. But a serial abuser casts a long shadow over the campus. He is a hunter, seeking women to terrorize and hurt. He has never met anyone like Eulalie before. Can the hunter become the hunted before any more women are taken?

onal Macgregor is finishing his police officer’s training in Scotland when he notices financial irregularities in the department. The next moment he finds himself suspended and disgraced. If Donal can’t find a way to con the conmen, his career in law enforcement will be over before it has begun.

1. Hacked
Marcel Faberge is not a popular man. When he turns up dead, there is no shortage of suspects. Unfortunately, one of them is Fleur, the best friend of private investigator, Eulalie Park.

Fleur was last seen threatening Faberge in front of dozens of witnesses. A knife from her coffeeshop is the murder weapon.

Will Eulalie be able to prove her friend’s innocence before she is arrested for murder by Prince William Island’s newest chief of police, Donal Macgregor? In a world where Russian mobsters rub shoulders with crooked racehorse owners and shady businessmen, Eulalie will need all her skills to unravel this mystery. But Eulalie Park is no ordinary PI and Prince William Island is no ordinary place. Anything can happen here, and probably will.

2. Hooked
“One dead wife is a tragedy. Two is a pattern.”

Eulalie Park knows that when a woman is murdered, her husband is always the number-one suspect. But what do you do when that husband is also your client?

Someone pushed Emma Egger off a five-story balcony. Her husband had motive and opportunity. But he is the one who will take Eulalie off the case if she investigates too closely.

As she walks a delicate line between doing her job and keeping her client happy, Eulalie realizes there is someone out there who will do whatever it takes to stop her from getting too close to the truth.

3. Haunted
“People don’t disappear. Not without help.”

Five years ago, girl-next-door Jessica Manilow vanished while on a spring-break visit to the tiny island of Monk’s Cay. Now Eulalie Park has been hired to find out what happened to her.

Monk’s Cay is not a popular place with the locals of Prince William Island. Ever since it was abandoned by an order of Benedictine monks in the 1800s, rumors have run wild that it is haunted.

It’s not that Eulalie believes in ghosts – at least not in the cold light of day. It’s just that she wouldn’t choose to spend the night on Monk’s Cay. Facing your fears is overrated. But before the mystery of Jessica’s disappearance can be solved, she might have to.

4. Hunted
“It feels as if everything is going wrong.”

Eulalie Park is under attack. The village of her birth is being threatened by developers. Her best friend has fallen victim to a conman. And the man she is dating is seeing someone else.

Now a real estate developer has been found dead in the forest of Prince William Island, and all the evidence points to someone very close to Eulalie. If she doesn’t solve the mystery soon, things could get very ugly. Eulalie will need all her resourcefulness to get through one of the most challenging times of her life.

5. Hitched
“It’s all coming to light.”

The past is giving up its secrets and the dead refuse to stay buried. When a decades-old murder is revealed at a construction site, private investigator Eulalie Park has no idea how closely it will involve her and her family.

Instead of laying low, the killer seems determined to go on another murderous spree, terrorizing women all over Prince William Island. As the body-count mounts, Eulalie will need all her investigative skills to stop the killer before he strikes again.

6. Hatched
“I killed Rochelle Chirac. She was a bit*h and she deserved to die.”

The cream of Prince William Island society has turned out for hatching day at the local school. Time capsules that were buried by the senior class fifteen years ago are due to be dug up and opened. One of them is empty, apart from this sinister message, written in a schoolgirl’s handwriting.

Ripples of shock are felt all over the island. Rochelle has been presumed missing for years – believed to have run away from home. After all this time, there is no evidence and no motive. Will this prove to be the perfect, unsolvable crime, or can investigator Eulalie Park crack the mystery of Rochelle’s disappearance?


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