The Connection by Mike Ryan

The Connection

The Connection by Mike Ryan (The Eliminator Series Book 8)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Mike Ryan is a writer living in Bucks County, PA. He’s married, has three kids, and three dogs. He’s used to a hectic and busy household.

Rich Mallette is nothing but a distant memory. But with him out of the picture, it doesn’t mean Brett Jacobs is living on easy street. With the city wide open for a new leader for the criminal element, new prospects emerge, hoping to take over. And that means Jacobs will get drawn into another war. Now the question will be, who gets dragged in with him?
Not only will new players in town look to notch Jacobs’ name on their belts, but Eddie Franks also has a bullseye on his back. Jacobs has his hands full in protecting those closest to him, as well as seeking revenge on those who have been targeted because of him.
Filled with action, The Connection will take you on an emotional ride as Jacobs meets new enemies, saves friends in trouble, and possibly meets someone who might be able to help put his past in the past.

It was ten minutes to ten. Jacobs was sitting in his car down the street from the motel, as he had been doing for the last thirty minutes. He had that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was off here. He didn’t know if it was just the location, the job, or if it was just all the time he’d been dealing with the scum of the city that was taking its toll on him and making him more cynical. But he felt like there was more to this operation than just dropping a package off. He hoped he was wrong.

Getting to the spot a little earlier, Jacobs figured he could get the layout, see how many people were there, and who he’d be dealing with. Unfortunately, he didn’t see anyone. He had a clear view to the motel room, as it was on the first floor and facing the street. He also knew there were no back doors someone could slip out of or in from. But no one came. Either the person he was dealing with was already inside that room, or he was dealing with an empty room.

Jacobs looked over to the passenger seat out of habit, waiting to see the furry head of his friend and partner. It was a little weird doing any kind of job on the street without having Gunner at his side. But, after what had happened at the warehouse, he still needed a few more days to rest. Jacobs didn’t want to chance bringing him out before he was fully recovered. If he brought Gunner out and he got hurt again, then it would take longer before he was with him again. Besides, Gunner shouldn’t have been necessary for this job. It was just dropping off a package. There shouldn’t have been anything more to it than that.

After another ten minutes, Jacobs looked at the time, then drove closer to the motel. He pulled into a parking space, grabbed the package and got out of his car. He took a quick look around to make sure he wasn’t being watched, then made a line for room 126. He listened at the door to see if he could hear anything inside. He couldn’t. He took a glance at the window to see if someone was watching him through it. They weren’t. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing up, though, feeling like this wasn’t going to be what he expected. Or maybe it was. And that was the problem.

Jacobs softly knocked on the door a couple of times and took a step back. He instinctively put his right hand behind his back, ready to pull out his gun should he feel the need to do so. Within a few seconds of knocking, he saw the handle start to move. Then the door opened. A man with a large frame and an equally large gut, opened the door.

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