The Cop Killer by Harry Nankin

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The Cop Killer by Harry Nankin
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

The Author, a retired police officer draws on thirty years police experience and later working with legal practices to produce this exciting and very popular whodunit mystery novel. Two uniformed police patrol officers are found dead in their patrol car. There are no marks or signs of violence. Post mortem, examinations confirm their deaths are from natural causes. Individually The matters are closed. Over a period of months, there are further similar deaths in similar circumstances. The officers serving in different forces are seemingly unknown to each other. The local area Government Inspector of Constabulary hears of the deaths during his annual inspections. He becomes suspicious and informs the Home Secretary. Due to the circumstances in the current climate of financial cuts, no official enquiry can be set into motion. It is decided to instruct Jack the Hat Richards a retired and experienced detective from New Scotland Yard to investigate the circumstances and report his findings at the annual conference of the country’s top police officers. Richards is of the old type of detective, he is a quiet man very methodical, some have said he is boring. In reality unlike modern policing he has great attention to detail as he sifts the clues and evidence, but more. He possesses that now long lost skill of investigators to look into the minds of his suspects and never misses a clue or a trick of his target. He agrees to return to duty, but this does not go down well with the local police. Jack is refused access to the police station and to an experienced detective to assist him. He is instructed to work from the local police museum with the assistance of an inexperienced policewoman Inspector. She is fresh from university and is the subject of ridicule by her senior officers and subordinates. The two set to work to investigate, painstakingly looking into each of the cases. Jack calls on his old forensic and pathology contacts to assist him. All this skill and patience finally brings remarkable and surprising results. I invite you to sit back and join Jack the Hat to resolve the never before known cases of The Cop Killer.

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