The Crafter’s Darkness by Jonathan Brooks

The Crafter's Darkness

The Crafter’s Darkness by Jonathan Brooks (Dungeon Crafting Book 4)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

I had worked in retail for most of my life but have been an avid reader of fantasy books since around age 12. In addition, I have been playing videogames since I got an Atari 2600 when I was 5 years old. Consequently, I fell in love with the LitRPG, GameLit, and Dungeon Core genres when I first learned about them. Currently, I have 18 books published and more on the way!

A time of great darkness is approaching, but will Sandra and her dungeon survive?
After being responsible for destroying multiple Dungeon Cores, the consequences of which she has yet to see but knows will be coming, Sandra and her friends must obtain help from the leadership of the nearby lands. The problem will soon become bigger than she can contain, and only by them all working together will everyone survive the dangers represented by the nearby dungeons.
On top of that, Sandra also has to develop a plan to combat the ever-expanding territories of the local dungeons and protect the people still living in her Area of Influence. It is a difficult and complicated problem to solve, but with the aid of some new friends she begins to get a handle on the situation.
Unknown to Sandra and everyone else, however, someone wronged by the craft-loving Dungeon Core has designs of their own that will throw the wastelands into chaos. Those dangers, coupled with some personal issues of Sandra’s own, could usher in a period of darkness that the world hasn’t seen in centuries…

The resulting assault by a horde of Undead wasn’t so much of an attack as an attempt to keep Sandra’s own Dungeon Monsters bottled up in her dungeon so they couldn’t interfere with the Nether Core’s plans.  To counter this, Sandra utilized her Gravitational Devastation Sphere, which caused an incredible amount of damage and completely destroyed every undead sent against her.  It was uncontrollable and highly dangerous, however, which was proven when a curious Dwarf Shieldman from the local Dwarven village of Nurboldar came to investigate at the wrong time – and almost got sucked up into the Sphere’s gravitational pull.

After healing him, Gerold became the latest Visitor to Sandra’s dungeon, but the Bond he obtained was a little different; by using Energy Orbs instead of just Elemental Orbs for the Bond, the Energy Orbs were absorbed into the Dwarf’s palms, where they would continuously regenerate his Water and Nether energy – for as long as he was inside of Sandra’s Area of Influence.

The Undead weren’t done there, as they soon expanded enough to attack the Dwarven village in the middle of the night.  Through the timely intervention of Felbar in his larger War Machine and Gerold in a smaller, Deep Diver construct, they were able to save all of the villagers – though all but 10 of the Shieldmen were killed, including their powerful leader, Bregan.  With their homes no longer safe, they retreated towards Sandra’s dungeon, only finding out after they arrived and acquired a Visitor’s Bond that they were actually inside a dungeon. 

Kelerim showed up shortly afterwards, fleeing for his life from an army of Orcs sent by his father.  Sandra managed to bring him safely back to her dungeon, while preparing for the inevitable attack by the Orcish army…which never came.  Instead, the Orcs went into the two nearest dungeons near Grongbak, destroying the Unicorn-based and Avian-based Cores, respectively.

Unfortunately, such an act had unforeseen repercussions; at least, they were unforeseen to Sandra, though most of the others knew about them.  It turned out that destroying too many Dungeon Cores in rapid succession would provide enhancements to the other nearby Cores, until such a time as the brand-new Cores replacing those destroyed could increase their Core Size to a certain threshold.  Because Sandra had participated in the destruction of at least one of those Cores, however, she was not entitled to any of those benefits.’

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