The Cult of Tiamat by Kevin McLaughlin

 The Cult of Tiamat

The Cult of Tiamat (Dragon’s Daughter Book 5) by Kevin McLaughlin
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 6 MB

Kevin McLaughlin is a USA Today bestselling novelist of science fiction and fantasy. An infantry veteran and nurse, swordsman and scientist, father and traveler, he brings all his experiences to bear on creating astounding stories for his readers.

Legend says that all dragons have a mother, a goddess-dragon named Tiamat.
But few dragons take those old stories seriously these days. It’s been too long since anyone saw Tiamat. Her tale has faded into myth.
A cult of her followers still remains, though. These dragons believe that someday, a dragon will rise who is the sum of all dragons, with the powers of every dragon. When that dragon comes, Tiamat will be close behind.
Kylara knows nothing of these legends, but she’s about to take center stage in a story which began thousands of years ago.
Because the Cult of Tiamat is real, their power has not waned as much as most dragons believe, and many among them feel the time of their prophecy is upon them.
And that Kylara is the dragon they’ve been looking for.

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