The Daedalus Job by M. D. Cooper

The Daedalus Job

The Daedalus Job by M. D. Cooper (Outlaws of Aquilia Book 1)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Jax Bremen is an outlaw… sort of…
Within the L, a tri-star system located inside the Aquilian Nebula, Jax makes a living trading and smuggling whatever goods pay the best. So far, he’s avoided being caught with anything too damning in his ship’s holds, but when he takes a job for Korinth, an infamous arms dealer, all that changes.
The haul is worth ten times his ship, and when the contents gets him embroiled in a tug of war between the major political factions of the L, Jax has to keep the criminals he works for from discovering that he’s playing both sides. Hell, he just might have to play all the sides to navigate the tangled web he’s in.
Every move he makes to get free of the quagmire draws him in deeper until Jax finds himself on the hook to run the hardest job he’s ever undertaken: rob the Daedalus, a military cruiser escorting a convoy through the Maelstrom.
Sure. Cakewalk, right?

My vision spun as I stumbled from the bar.

Around me, the light from the Aquilian Nebula splashed a reddish hue across the buildings. I couldn’t recall where I was, and a primal fear set in—a deep, visceral terror screaming at me that the red light was an omen of death and destruction to come.

A convulsive shiver rattled my bones, but a second later, I remembered and coughed out a laugh. “Damn nebula.”

People born in the L probably never had moments where the nebula’s gleam threw their minds into chaos—but since I didn’t grow up in a place where nights were bathed in a ruddy glow, it sometimes scared the shit out of me.

Steadier now, I grasped one of the poles supporting the bar’s low veranda, drew in a few deep breaths—nearly forgetting to breathe out one time—and then took a second look around.

“OK…looks like I’m on Barras,” I muttered. “Shitty with a side of asscrack…but which asscrack?”

My drunken confusion wasn’t helped by the fact that half the towns on Barras looked the same. Dusty roads lined with prefab plas buildings shipped in from Delphi centuries ago, when the first colonists touched down.

I kicked over the Link in my mind, and reached out over the RF bands, looking for a local network; finally finding one, I latched on for dear life.

<Kallie, where the fuck are we?>

For a moment, nothing came back.

Has my crew abandoned me?

It wasn’t a new fear, but so far, I’d drawn deuces, and it’d never come to pass.

Another minute of silence crept by, and a shiver of fear ran down my spine. Deciding I needed to take matters into my own hands, I straightened, unsteady on shaky legs, and gave surveying my surroundings another shot.

<Sorry, Capt’n,> Kallie’s welcome voice slid amidst my neurons a moment later. <Was just hip-deep in stripping the bow cannons, didn’t want to mess anything up. Are you asking where we are, or where you are?>

Her words took their time filtering into any semblance of order, and for a moment, I thought she was asking me where she was. <Um…what?>

<Shit. You must be drunker than Oln when he gets into that possum piss of his.>

<Stars, Kallie, why are you gibbering nonsense? Where in the L am I?!>

A number of terrible things I could’ve called her sprang to mind, but my fate was currently in her hands, so I bit my mental tongue and waited for her response.

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