The Dare of Bunk Fifteen by J. Morton Newman

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The Dare of Bunk Fifteen by J. Morton Newman (Campfire Tale #1)
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Be careful the stories you tell…

We’ve all done it. Sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, making ‘smores- We have all told a ghost story or two. If you ask any girl or boy what legendary campfire tale they’ve heard at summer camp, I am sure they will spin you a yarn that would chill to the bone … and this tale is no different.

But at what point does fiction start becoming fact? When does the story become more than just a way to pass the time? Twelve-year-old Scott Andrews is about to find this out after he is dared to prove that HE is braver than his camp’s ghostly little tale. However, what he discovers is scarier than any legend.

For at Camp Little Star, you should be careful of the things you say. You should be wary of the stories you listen to, because … Here, sometimes, your words take on a life of their own.

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