The Dark Descent by William Oday

The Dark Descent

The Dark Descent by William Oday (Into the Dark #1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 437 Kb

The Dark Descent : Scout wakes up after an explosion in the White House and can’t remember much more than his name. Some think he’s the president. Others think he’s a traitor. On the run and fighting for his life at every turn, he’ll have to survive the dangerous unknown to get the answers he needs.

“Did I have a last name?

That was normal, right?

I waited for it to arrive, but nothing more came.

Bright white lights flickered above and the sirens cut to eery silence.

Ringing echoed in my head. I kept my ears covered in case it started again.

The lights above continued to pulse until one snapped brighter and stayed on.

Through squinted eyes, I peered around. A large wooden desk. Intricate patterns of filigreed detail covered the surface. In the center panel, a proud eagle with spread wings. Letters on a flowing ribbon above its head. Arrows clenched in one claw. A branch covered with leaves and small berries in the other.

I touched a fingertip to the shield on its chest. Half expecting to pass through like a mirage. Half in awe at how my trembling hand moved at my command.

It stopped at the hard surface. I ran it along the spine of one spread wing. The golden wood cool to the touch.

It was real.

As real as the crimson covering my hand and soaked into what used to be the light blue cuff of a long sleeve shirt.

I rotated my hand back and forth, observing how the crimson liquid slid and gathered at the lowest point again and again.

Large drops broke free and splattered onto the plush cream carpet below.

There was a paper on the carpet. A children’s drawing done in bright crayon colors. A stick figure man with a blue outlined suit that hung from him like clothes on a hanger. Arms splayed out to the sides. One side held hands with a shorter stick figure. A girl with black hair and a round circle face. Both looking forward and smiling.

A message written in cursive above the figures. Yellow crayon with a smudge showing where a mistake had been fixed and written over.”

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