The Dark of Letum by Julianne Kelsch

The Dark of Letum

The Dark of Letum by Julianne Kelsch (The Countess of Lumen Trilogy Book 1)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

Her world has fallen to the Master of darkness, the souls of men consumed by death. Now, death wants her.
It began with rumors whispered in secret and carried on the wind. The whispers spread, gaining power, until they became desolate houses with dark, wide-eyed windows and doors hanging agape, bewildered at their sudden emptiness.
The rumors grew. The villages bled. The darkness spread.
Then, it was too late.
The night she realized her life was over was the night her mother died at the hands of a monster. One look at him and Kyra knew: this was the demon that fueled nightmares.
Years later she’s trained, she’s skilled, and she’s ready to fight.
She finds other refugees like herself. She forms partnerships and joins alliances. Some will betray her. Others, defend her. All of them have their own goal – to bring about the world they desire.
But the darkness has its own agenda, and humanity has already fallen.
Death secures the bait and sets the trap. When Kyra finds herself ensnared by its grasping claws, can she stand against the darkness that destroyed humanity or will she succumb to the destruction of her soul?

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