The DC Jake Tanner series Box Set (1-3) by Jack Probyn

The DC Jake Tanner series Box Set (1-3)

The DC Jake Tanner series Box Set by Jack Probyn (#1-3)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB |7 MB

This digital box set contains the first, second and third crime thrillers in the Jake Tanner series: The Conspiracy, The Community, and The Confession. Full of hooks and twists that will leave you guessing to the end, tension, gripping plots, and police corruption, this series if perfect for fans of Luther, Line of Duty, Peter James, Kimberley Chambers, Mark Billingham or Simon McCleave.

Detective Constable Jake Tanner is a dedicated policeman, who will stop at nothing to make sure criminals and those who break the rules are brought to justice. Brought up with an ideal that all police officers are good, Jake finds it difficult to believe that those closest to him stand against everything he believes. Sometimes naivety and innocence can do you more harm than good, as Jake soon discovers. In his mid-twenties, Jake lives in Croydon, is happily married to his wife Elizabeth, and two daughters Maisie and Ellie.

A small jeweller’s is raided in Guildford High Street and leaves police chasing their tails. Reports suggest that it’s The Crimsons, an organised crime group the police have been hunting for years. When the shop owner is kidnapped and a spiked collar is attached to her neck, Jake learns one of his own is involved – a police officer. As Jake follows the group on a wild goose chase, he questions everything he knows about his team. Who can he trust? And is he prepared to find out?

A couple with a nefarious secret are brutally murdered in their London art gallery. Their bodies cleaned. Their limbs dismembered. And the word LIAR inscribed on the woman’s chest. For Jake Tanner it soon becomes apparent this is not a revenge killing. There’s a serial killer loose on the streets of Stratford. And the only thing connecting the victims is their name: Jessica. Jake’s pushed to his mental limits as he uncovers The Community, an online forum for singles and couples to meet. But there’s just one problem: the killer’s been waiting for him… and he’s hungry for his next kill.

DC Jake Tanner thought he’d put the turmoil of the case that nearly killed him behind him. He was wrong. When Danny Cipriano’s body is discovered buried in a concrete tomb, Jake’s wounds are reopened. But one thing quickly becomes clear. The former leader of The Crimsons knew too much. And somebody wanted him silenced. For good. The only problem is, Jake knows who.

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