The DCI Yorke series Box Set 2 by Wes Markin (#4-6)

 The DCI Yorke series Box Set 2

The DCI Yorke series Box Set 2 by Wes Markin (#4-6)
English | 2021 |Mystery & Thriller| ePUB | 4.1 MB

If you like dark and compelling crime thrillers, then you’ll love the acclaimed DCI Yorke series. Three bestselling high-octane serial killer thrillers in one page-turning boxed set!

4. Rise of the Ray
They say that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. How the people of Wiltshire wished that were true. When Paul Ray decides to burn down his evil family’s legacy, he falls into the clutches of those he thought gone. And now Detective Yorke and his team face a race against time to find Paul before Wiltshire again falls under the dark spell of a ruthless family. Unfortunately for Yorke, the answers lie in the most sinister of places. The beating heart of a long-dead killer. Can Yorke find the truth before it’s too late? Or will the curse of the Ray family prove too strong?

5. Dance with the Reaper
How do you stop a perfect killer? After the terrible events of the past year, DCI Yorke’s team are on the verge of finding peace. But after a terrifying act of violence shatters their equilibrium, they are forced to dance with a skilled assassin who knows no equal. After it becomes clear that this hitman is connected to the most shadowy of criminal organisations, Yorke is forced to dive into his own past, and face a future in which he is either alone, or dead. Can Yorke and those he holds dearest survive the Reaper? Or will this be one dance too many?

6. Christmas with the Conduit
If you fail to stop a killer, then they will only grow stronger. DCI Michael Yorke and Emma Gardner are still plagued by guilt over their failure to catch the murderous psychiatrist known as the Conduit, and the loss of their former colleague to insanity. On Christmas Day, following a brutal massacre in Leeds, Yorke and Gardner find themselves once again chasing the ruthless puppeteer, believing that they have the initiative. But as the two investigators draw closer to the Conduit, they quickly discover that they were never truly in control, and completely vulnerable to what comes next. A rising tide of psychological warfare. And the horrendous truth behind the fate of their former colleague.

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