The Deadliest of Intentions by Marc Stevens

The Deadliest of Intentions

The Deadliest of Intentions by Marc Stevens (First of my Kind #3)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 429 Kb

The Deadliest of Intentions: The Principal Investigator of the Chaalt people, has covertly enlisted the aid of Nathan Myers and the crew of the Legacy. They desperately need help gaining access to their secret Prule research station. The facility has gone dark, and the automated defenses activated. Even the Chaalt’s own advanced warships have not been able to breach the shield dome and disable the cutting edge weaponry that protects the base. Nathan and his crew are in a race against time, because they believe a Prule Hivemind they had once captured, now controls the facility. If the Hivemind is able to assimilate the Chaalt tech, it could escape and endanger the entire galaxy. If it can return to Andromeda, the Prule will reverse engineer the technology and return with the means to prevail in the second invasion of the Milky Way galaxy. Nathan, Justice, and the crew of the Legacy, will do whatever it takes to prevent that outcome or die trying.

“I was surprised by Sael’s next curt comment. “That was my assessment as well, Troop Master. The remaining members of the council are willing to do whatever it takes to rescue the missing senior leadership.”

Tria turned and embraced me crazy hard and whispered in my ear, “We must help if we are able.”

“Sael, are the members of the council asking for our help?”

“No, Nathan, I am the only one asking for your help. The remaining elders have turned over all aspects of the rescue operation to the military council, many of which are the newly elected replacements for those who were dismissed. They are young and brash and have already squandered the lives of several thousand troops and two warships trying to make a direct assault on the base. The systems protecting the facility are the very best we have.”

“Why would so many of your leadership council want to go to the research center at the same time? Surely, they could have received intelligence reports that would have avoided any unnecessary travel to the facility.”

“Obviously, only the leadership council can answer those questions. I am giving you the limited amount of intelligence I have received.”

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