The Deep End by Denver Murphy

The Deep End

The Deep End by Denver Murphy (The DC Ruby Knight Investigations #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 296 Kb

The Deep End : A rookie detective faces the first serious challenge in her career when a man is almost killed in an acid attack. It is DC Ruby Knight’s first day in CID and she is called upon to investigate a vicious assault. A man has been doused with acid on his doorstep.

Having returned to Hertfordshire after working as a beat bobby in London, Knight is relieved she has been given a serious case. But she has also been partnered with DI Steve Jenkins, a dishevelled detective who looks like he’s almost given up the ghost.

Despite Knight’s enthusiasm, she struggles to find a motive for the crime, which has left the victim fighting for his life. And she becomes increasing frustrated with her partner’s lacklustre approach to policing.

But when another attack occurs the case is blown wide open. Knight’s fears that working in a backwater will be boring, prove quite unfounded. Indeed, she even begins to appreciate her partner’s discreet ways of getting information, and gradually grows fond of him.

But what was a difficult, emotional case will soon become a murder investigation and it will take all of Knight’s intelligence and energy to bring the killers to justice.

“Don’t worry, I’m used to the office banter,’ she responded, yet in a tone that implied she was anything but.

‘No, you don’t understand. The DCI likes to address the elephant in the room. This would have been his way of tackling what some people were thinking head-on. When he comes back, he’ll probably tell everyone how suitably qualified you are and that your experience in uniform makes you more than ready.’

‘Hmm,’ replied Ruby, unconvinced.

Regardless, neither of them had the opportunity to find out what Nelson’s original intention had been because his demeanour had changed entirely upon his return. ‘Right, listen up, there’s been an acid attack in Marshalswick—’

‘Jesus, guv, on a Monday morning?’

Nelson shot a vicious glance at whoever had interrupted him, but his eyes then softened slightly. ‘Yeah, pretty screwed up but at least it’s not going to be a random thing. Uniform are at the scene and the victim’s on the way to hospital.’

‘Peters! Are you and Anderson still on the GBH?’

‘Yes, guv, we’ve been waiting for some extra forensics that should be through this morning,’ a guy near the front replied.

‘Okay then, how about you, Jenkins?’ The sound this elicited from the back of the room was more of a growl than coherent speech. ‘You got a partner at the moment?’

‘Cooper is on leave. I believe you signed his request,’ came a voice so gravelly that it sounded as though he’d been gargling with engine oil.”


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