The Deer Killer by J.F. Freedman

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The Deer Killer by J.F. Freedman
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Senator Helen Castillo is the most respected and powerful person in her home state of New Mexico. While driving home at night after a political fund-raiser, she hits and kills a deer, sending it off a cliff into a remote ravine. A week later, two lost hikers find the body of a murdered woman near the deer. When the sheriff’s detectives investigating the murder discover the senator knew the woman, she is charged with being her killer.

Attorney M.L. Radcliff has a modest law practice and a host of secrets, including an illicit affair with a volatile judge. He has never conducted a murder trial, or any trial of this size and importance. Now he has to come up with a defense that will keep the United States Senator out of prison for the rest of her life, at the same time dealing with his own demons about the case.

The odds are against them.

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