The Demise of Tom Hendry by Laura Greene

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The Demise of Tom Hendry by Laura Greene (A Wild Cove Mystery Book 3)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

“Maybe I am here to confront whatever haunts the darkness around Wild Cove, whether killer, stalker, or something even worse.”
Tom Hendry was a New York Times bestselling author, thrilling millions of people around the world with his detective fiction. Now, he is dead; the victim of a bizarre murder straight out of one of his novels. As sheriff Jane Scott investigates the case, in part two of A Wild Cove Mystery series, Tom Hendry’s very own son, the dashing Charles Hendry, is now being stalked by his father’s killer.
As Jane attempts to reveal the identity of the murderer, she grows close to Charles. Too close. Not only is Charles’ life in danger, but Jane’s relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Macready, is now in jeopardy. Turning to local preacher Pastor Callaghan for guidance, Jane is now on a roller coaster of emotional turmoil as Tom Hendry’s killer closes in on his next victim.

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