The Desert Sky Before Us by Anne Valente

The Desert Sky Before Us

The Desert Sky Before Us by Anne Valente
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

The Desert Sky Before Us : From award-winning author Anne Valente comes this poignant and unforgettable literary novel of two estranged sisters—one, a former racecar driver and the other a recently-released prisoner—who embark on a road trip together to complete the scavenger hunt their mother designed for them before her death.

When Billie is released from a correctional facility in Decatur, her sister Rhiannon is there to meet her, even though the two haven’t seen each other in months. Painful secrets and numerous unspoken betrayals linger between them—but most agonizing is the sudden passing of their mother, a renowned paleontologist.

Rhiannon and Billie must overcome their differences as they set off on a road trip west, following the breadcrumb-trail of their late mother’s scavenger hunt, a sort of second funeral she planned in her final days. The sisters know the trail will end in Utah at the famous Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, where their mother spent her career researching dinosaur fossils. But the seemingly endless days on the road soon take their toll, forcing Rhiannon and Billie to confront their hostilities and revisit old memories—both good and bad.

As they travel across the heart of America, and as a series of plane crashes in the news make their journey all the more urgent, the two sisters begin to rediscover each other and to uncover their late mother’s veiled second life, taking them on an unexpected emotional journey inward—and forcing them to come to terms with their own choices in life.

“Do we still have cable? Billie asks. Rhiannon looks up and her sister is standing in the living room in a T-shirt and sweatpants, the unshaved side of her hair still wet.

Mom never got rid of it. Watch as much MTV as you like.

Billie sits down on the couch. We had movie night once a month in Decatur. But only family films. Grease. Toy Story.

How’s the old bedroom?

My posters and hemp necklaces are gone. Other than that, everything’s the same.

Rhiannon knows Billie’s old bedroom looks nothing like it did in high school. Her mother painted both of their rooms once they moved out, made Billie’s a work studio filled with dig tools and Rhiannon’s a guest bedroom.

Did you find your stuff in the closet? Rhiannon says. The rest of it is out in the garage.

Thanks. I’ll get to it eventually.”

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