The Devil’s Mistress by David Barclay

The Devil's Mistress

The Devil’s Mistress by David Barclay
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Virginia 1705. Darkness has come to the town of Blackfriar. The beloved millwright, John Ashford, has been poisoned. His daughter, Isabella, stands trial for murder. Rumor has it that she consorted with the Devil to do the deed. That she’s become a witch. The worst thing, however, is what the townsfolk don’t know: Isabella is innocent. After visiting the local enchantress for a simple love spell, her life is beset by catastrophe. Her father turns up dead. Her sadistic fiancé spurns her. Now in shackles, Isabella faces torture and death. Her only friend, the enchantress. The old crone offers Isabella a new choice: continue to suffer at the hands of her tormentors, or become the very thing they fear.

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