The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth by Leonard Goldberg

The Disappearance

The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth by Leonard Goldberg (The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries #3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 5.9 Mb

The Disappearance :In the third book of this critically-acclaimed series, Sherlock Holmes’ daughter faces a new unsolvable mystery with spies and a threat to the crown.

Joanna and the Watsons receive an unexpected visitor to 221b Baker Street during a nocturnal storm. A rain-drenched Dr. Alexander Verner arrives with a most harrowing tale.

Verner has just returned from an unsettling trip to see a patient who he believes is being held against his will. Joanna quickly realizes that Verner’s patient is a high-ranking Englishman who the Germans have taken captive to pry vital information about England’s military strategies for the Great War. The man is revealed to be Alistair Ainsworth, a cryptographer involved in the highest level of national security.

The police are frantic to find Ainsworth before the Germans can use him to decode all of England’s undeciphered messages. Ainsworth must be found at all costs and Joanna and the Watsons might be the only ones who can connect the clues to find him.

USA Today bestselling author Leonard Goldberg returns with another puzzling case for the daughter of Sherlock Holmes to unravel in this exciting mystery sure to be enjoyed by fans of Sherlock Holmes.

“She was standing by the window and staring out intently at the thoroughfare below, for something had caught and held her attention.

“What is it you see?” my father asked.

“Cover,” Joanna replied.

“From what, pray tell?”

“From every crime you wish to mention,” Joanna said, turning to us. “Which is also the answer to your first question. The obvious reason my father believed such weather favored the perpetrator is straightforward. It removes or distorts virtually every clue and track left behind. Give it a moment’s thought and you can readily list the ways foul weather can throw the detective off.”

“A strong wind and rain would certainly wash away any bloodstains or signs of a struggle,” I proposed.

“But there would be other, less obvious advantages as well,” Joanna went on. “The storm, along with its lightning and thunder, would drown out cries for help or screams of terror. And a heavy mist and rain would blind any eyewitnesses. You must also keep in mind that a lengthy gale, such as the one we are facing, would delay the arrival of Scotland Yard and give the criminals abundant time to escape and conceal their tracks.”

I involuntarily raised my hand as a new thought came to mind. “Thus far, our discussion has been focused on crimes that occurred outdoors. Would not the dreadful weather be of less hindrance when the evil act is committed indoors?”


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