The Divers’ Game by Jesse Ball

The Divers' Game

The Divers’ Game by Jesse Ball
English | 2019 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.8 Mb

The Divers’ Game : From the inimitable mind of award-winning author Jesse Ball, a novel about an unsettlingly familiar society that has renounced the concept of equality—and the devastating consequences of unmitigated power

The old-fashioned struggle for fairness has finally been abandoned. It was a misguided endeavor. The world is divided into two groups, pats and quads. The pats may kill the quads as they like, and do. The quads have no recourse but to continue with their lives.

The Divers’ Game is a thinly veiled description of our society, an extreme case that demonstrates a truth: we must change or our world will collapse.

What is the effect of constant fear on a life, or on a culture? The Divers’ Game explores the consequences of violence through two festivals, and through the dramatic and excruciating examination of a woman’s final moments.

Brilliantly constructed and achingly tender, The Divers’ Game shatters the notion of common decency as the binding agent between individuals, forcing us to consider whether compassion is intrinsic to the human experience. With his signature empathy and ingenuity, Jesse Ball’s latest work solidifies his reputation as one of contemporary fiction’s most mesmerizing talents.

“when they essentially went on to continue their bad behavior in the midst of life, regular citizens started doing what needed doing, started the business of disposal for themselves. That is to say, these new quads who had been criminals were often simply gassed the first wrong they did. It happened that a housewife at a tram station would pull a lever or pop a canister, settle her mask on her face, and lay down two or three of them at once. A child might do it, just the same. He’d feel afraid when a few of them joined him in some alley he was walking down, and the end of his canister would pop—and that would be that.

Of course, the different gases helped to make people feel more comfortable with using them. The yellow killing gas, the green incapacitating gas, the red gas that confuses, the brown gas that sickens, the slow killer.

Which do you have? Lethe asked.

Mandred showed her the brown lid of his canister.

I like the color of the yellow, said Lois. We both have that. Don’t we?

They lifted their sweaters to show the canisters at their waists, both mud yellow. Mandred looked on.”


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