The Downfall: Complete series Box Set by Edie Baylis

The Downfall:

The Downfall: The Complete series Box Set by Edie Baylis (#1-3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

The Downfall: Bringing together all three books of the gritty, dark Downfall thrillers in one ultimate box set. Grab Edie Baylis’ entire Downfall series of over 1300 pages of teeth-grinding violence, suspense, madness, obsession and horror.

1. Until The End Of Time
Dive into Seth and Jane’s train wreck life, where drugs, alcohol and obsessional love means this downright dangerous pair will do anything to ensure nothing gets in their way. They do bad things. Very bad things and their promise to love each until the end of time turns into a war against each other. A war neither of them can win.

2. Escaping The Past
Things have changed and everyone has got on with their lives. Well, not entirely… Embroiled in a bitter feud between two rival firms, it is clear that not everyone is who they proclaim to be. The net is closing in and some things just can’t be changed.

3. Vengeful Payback
There is something missing. Something very important and no one is above suspicion. Past vendettas are gaining pace and it is vital that whoever is behind this never-ending stream of cleverly engineered payback is discovered before it is too late and everything held dear is ripped apart.

“Clenching his teeth together he tried to remain rational. In his minds’ eye he visualised the long tendrils of her dark wavy hair running down to her waist and his muscles tightened thinking of her blood-red lips. The lips he immediately wanted to crush his mouth onto. He’d felt exactly the same way ever since the moment he’d first clapped eyes on her and admitted his feelings for the woman scared the shit out of him because he could barely control himself.

Seth sighed resignedly, wondering why he had to be so totally, utterly and crazily in love with Jane. It made him weak and he didn’t like it. Spiralling out of control feelings could make him careless and he was getting on quite nicely at the moment.

Aside from his bar job, he knew over the last few years he’d developed a damn fine reputation for his ability to sort situations out and was getting more and more in demand. The cuts he took from the money he collected were gratefully received, not to mention the extras. Smiling, he patted the large bag of coke in his pocket that he’d got as a bonus from yesterday’s job.

Before Jane had steamrollered into his life a year ago he hadn’t given a flying fuck about anyone and he didn’t want emotions getting in the way. The trouble was, he knew there was no way he could be without her. He wanted to marry her for God’s sake. He’d asked her twice now, but she’d laughed each bloody time. In fact, why wouldn’t she marry him? Did she want someone else?”


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