The Dragon Kings by Sarah Dalton,Moira Katson

 The Dragon Kings

The Dragon Kings by Sarah Dalton,Moira Katson (The Land of Fire and Ash Book 4)
English | 2019 | Young adult | ePUB | 528 Kb

The Dragon Kings : A conflicted king. An army of dragons. Across the sea, the war has begun.
Luca has no time to right his wrongs and repair his broken relationships, The Lord has crossed the sea and taken control of Xantos. At his weakest moment, can he find his greatest strength?
As Reva moves on from Reyalon, she puts a plan in motion that could potentially change the world for the better. But it means going against her king. With Karine and the other Menti on her side, Reva could become one of the most important figures in the war to come. Or she could be arrested for treason.
Meanwhile, Sam and Carlia travel far into Xantos using their heightened dragon senses to find the last prophesised dragon. Will this new dragon be willing to fight for the greater good?
The final battle to defeat The Lord has begun, but never more have the heroes been more divided. Can they pull together to overthrow their common enemy? Or will the realm perish once and for all? Find out in the final book in the LAND OF FIRE AND ASH series.

“Tinian would have said no—and yet, here he was, a captive in his own palace.

“You would not be planning to betray me, would you, Tinian?” The Lord’s voice was soft, inviting confidence, but the cold hint of danger in it sent a chill down Tinian’s spine.

“No, Lord.” He spoke from fear alone, no longer the confident First Councillor.

“Good,” the Lord said, his voice still soft. “That is good, Tinian. I hope that together, we can build a new world. You will be able to explain to my Xanti children why change has come to Xantos. You will be able to explain why it is a kindness to purge them with fire.”

“With fire—” Tinian’s throat restricted.

“Come see.” The Lord climbed the stairs to the upper wall, his steps unhurried, as Tinian fought the urge to push past him and run to the battlements.

Smoke billowed into the air from the marketplace. Tinian squinted to see the Lord’s soldiers throwing bolts of silk and scrolls onto the flames. People were screaming as they were held back from the fire, squirming against their captors. For a moment he did not understand what was going on. Goods were the lifeblood of trade, yes, but they could be replaced. The people should not draw the Lord’s ire yet, not for this.”

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