The Dragon Mage Collection by LJ Andrews

The Dragon Mage

The Dragon Mage Collection by LJ Andrews (#1-4 & Bonus Short Story)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.0 Mb

The Dragon Mage : A tale of cunning betrayal, mysterious magic, and a brimming war that could divide them all.

1. The Ward of Wyvern
A mage without a past. A queen without a throne. A war that wasn’t their own.

Forced to pay his debt to society, Teagan is sent to a dragon-obsessed town to reform his rebellious ways. Losing his freedom is the worst thing that could happen, and all he wants is to serve his sentence and get out.

Until he meets Jade Drake. She isn’t like the other girls. She speaks as though she’s from a different time, is constantly followed by two moody guys, and she has one epic secret.

When their destinies intertwine, Teagan and Jade unlock a forgotten past that brings deadly consequences to everyone they love. And each other. Destiny brought them together. Now, darkness will try and tear them apart.

2. The Queen of Jade
Dragons and mages unite, but darkness waits to divide them once again.

Discovering he was a lost mage and destined to protect a hidden dragon queen wasn’t on the agenda when Teagan met Jade Drake. He certainly didn’t expect to fall in love. Not all love stories are easy.

An unwelcome visitor soon reveals people Jade and Teagan thought were allies might very well be the most sinister enemies.

A dangerous threat by a dark royal called the Prince of Night will bring Teagan’s search for answers about his family to a new level of desperate. But sometimes finding answers can bring devastating consequences. Learning the truth of Teagan’s roots might save Jade’s life or kill them both.

3. The Prince of Night
The dragon mage was never supposed to exist.

His bond with the queen of wyverns just became an act of war. Teagan isn’t an ordinary mage. Knowing who his parents are changes everything. Now, he’s going to get Jade back from the slippery, Prince of Night–and he’s not going to ask nicely. But nothing ever goes according to plan.

When a dangerous call for help sets Teagan and the warriors on the run to save Jade, they soon discover the only way to protect the royal dragons is to join with their enemies.

Fate intertwined destinies long ago, but will the bond between Jade and Teagan survive the clash of dragons and mages a second time? Then again, how will any of them survive when a friend betrays them all?

4. The Mage of Kings
The final stand between mages and dragons begins.

Hidden behind protected stone walls, elemental dragons and mystical mages await the day darkness finds them again. They fought a battle, and were forced to run for their lives. Even still, lives were lost.

Teagan reluctantly finds himself as the mage others turn toward to lead them safely through the war. Jade fights at his side as the dragon queen her people have awaited through the decades.

Together they are prepared to take their stand against darkness. They are prepared to die. And that might be exactly what fate has in store. The questions on everyone’s mind are: Is the High Priestess alive? They lost a royal, but is he really gone?

The War of Ages: Bonus Short Story
When the war between mages and dragons began. See Bron’s betrayal, and the beginnings of Thane and Gaia.

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