The Drow Grew Stronger by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle

The Drow Grew Stronger

The Drow Grew Stronger by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle (Goth Drow Book 4)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.4 MB

I’m Martha Carr, also writing as Judith Berens. I’m a bestselling author from Austin, Texas. I live there with the good dogs, Lois Lane and Leela, and spend most of my time dreaming of Elves, Witches, Wizards and other magical worlds.

Cheyenne is at the crossroads. Who will sit on the Drow throne?
The blight is still ravaging Ambar’ogúl and spilling through the Border portals into Earth. It’s hard enough to discover the secrets in her father’s world that will force the Crown to step down.
Now Cheyenne has to battle the darkness on both sides of the Border and keep her old life running like normal.
With a traitor in the FRoE and war machines tearing through Virginia, who can the halfling trust? Who will get a chance for redemption?
Two different worlds are counting on the Goth Drow. What will it take to save them both?

On instinct, she slipped into drow speed and turned slightly to snatch the suspended dagger from the air. When she returned to normal speed, the doors of the Crown’s fortress shut with a resounding boom behind her. She scowled at the dagger in her clenched fist.

L’zar glanced at it and raised his eyebrows. “Feels like you just reached into a frozen body and ripped out an icy heart, doesn’t it?”

“Quit saying crazy shit like that.” Cheyenne chucked the dagger at the ground and stuck her hand in her jacket pocket to hide her urge to wipe it on something.

“Honor, Cu’ón!” A drow man in a dark-blue, shimmering suit cut at weirdly sharp angles lifted a fist in the air and shot a blast of silver and black light toward the magical dome stretching high above the entire city of Hangivol. The spell raced toward the dome and the gray-filtered light and crackled against the shielded wall with a muted hiss.

L’zar met the other drow’s gaze, stepped forward on his heel with the toe of his borrowed Earthside shoe pointing straight up, and spread his arms in an exaggerated bow.

The other drow chuckled as his cry of recognition was taken up by the dozens of other drow stepping out of dark, shimmering doorways. They each sent a blast of their magic into the dome until the filtered light dimmed beneath the hissing crackle of impact and the dark streaks of magic racing across the curving wall of the shield for every citizen of Hangivol to see.

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