The Emperor by N.M. Brown

The Emperor

The Emperor by N.M. Brown (The Darkest Desires Series Book 2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 491 Kb

The Emperor : His faith is unbalanced.
His dying marriage exposed.
The lost and youthful are appearing.
Wicked damsels tests his patience.
McQueen is devoutly pure.
Is there harm in that?
Tied to a desk for the past few weeks, McQueen is feeling the strain of a hopeless situation. Missing children, going back decades have passed across his desk, their cases cold and leadless. But our Saintly Detective knows that every case deserves justice… but even he must move on at some point. With a fresh case, he must admit defeat, yet when the body turns out to be one of his missing children, now ten years older, everything is different. Where has this child been hiding? Malnourished, starved and covered in battle scars, McQueen is determined to find out.
Echo, on-the-other-hand, has her own problems. Stuck in hospital for weeks while her body recovered, she’s out of the loop at Cardinal House. It’s uncomfortable but she knows what she must do: dapple in the morals of humanity, disturb the righteous and play the devils game. But uncomfortable becomes deadly when her life is suddenly on the line. One attempt was coincidence, but two or three… Echo has some hard truths ahead, not all of them her own.
Stuck together in this disturbing mystery the holy detective will loose his faith and his trust, unable to shake off the dust of his past. All the while the dark damsel will quickly discover to die isn’t the adventure it’s made out to be.
Who will survive:
Babe or Brawn?

“Echo kept her smile plastered in place, but  suddenly felt adrift.  Archers eyes were on her but she could tell they went right on through.  “Good evening Archer.  How’s business?” 

The Sin of Greed smiled.  It was a smile Echo had only ever seen him give to her and she felt her body relax at the sight of it.  “Ah, you always know what questions to ask?  Come.  Join us.” He beckoned and walked back towards the Winter Wing; the door suddenly open.

Instantly, Echo was self-conscious of what she was wearing; baggy, ugly pink scrubs were not flattering but it wasn’t like she could ask for a sec’ to change.  Instead, she continued into the Winter Wing and her heart pulsed with pleasure as she saw all the Sins sat around the table.  Despite the drama of a few weeks ago, every one of them had remained.

Walking with confidence, Archer took his seat at the head of the table, his six other siblings either side leaving one solitary seat at the other end.  Echo felt caress of each Sin ripple across her skin as she lowered herself into it, each giving his a stroke of greeting. 

“Hello sweet girl?” Twilight cried with a dazzling smile that showed all his teeth.  His hair was swept back lightly and curled shimmering with gold, “


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