The Empress and the Ambassador by M. D. Cooper

The Empress and the Ambassador

The Empress and the Ambassador by M. D. Cooper (Aeon 14: The Empire Book 1)
English | 2019 |Sci/Fi | ePUB | 225 Kb

The Empress and the Ambassador: The proud empress whose empire is threatened. The spy operating in her court. Together they must forge an alliance and rekindle a love that deceit destroyed.

Yesterday, Empress Diana discovered that Scipio is not the most powerful Empire in human space. Vast alliances have been created in the far reaches of space, and they are embroiled in a deadly war. The victor will claim all of humanity as their prize.

For decades, Petra has operated as a spy in Diana’s court, getting close to the empress so that she can influence her to ally with the Transcend on the day the truth is revealed. But after joining the empress in her bed, Petra found herself giving more of her heart to Diana than even she realized.

Today, Scipio has allied with the Transcend and joined the war against Orion. With a sad heart, Petra thought her mission in Scipio was complete, but it turns out the real work has just begun

Many in the Scipian Empire see this as the perfect time to strike out and take down Diana. She and Petra must fend off cunning politicians, assassination attempts, and ready their military to join in the Orion War—all while figuring out how to fall back in love following Petra’s lies and secrecy.

Even though the pressure fuels their passion, it’s not enough to rebuild a relationship. Somehow Diana and Petra must fix what is broken between them, and find the strength in one another to save both the empire—and themselves.

“As she entered the chamber, a hush fell over the hundreds of people moving beneath the ancient king’s baleful gaze. The legatas in the hall behind her had likely put out an alert on the general network that Chimellia was approaching. Though she’d never looked at them, she knew that there were entire feeds dedicated to tracking her movements through the palace. Avid followers of her schedule and duties.

Laggards and sloughs thought they could avoid her gaze by avoiding her, but Chimellia had eyes everywhere in the palace. A door could be left ajar, and she’d know about it in minutes.

Cold smile fixed firmly on her lips, Chimellia strode across the chamber floor, every other person shifting their gait or path to avoid her.

I can only imagine how cumbersome life is for these, she thought as she reached a pedestal set near the center of the room. Always scurrying out of someone’s way. “

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