The Enchanted Night by Miklós Bánffy (Miklos Banffy), Len Rix (Translator)

The Enchanted Night

The Enchanted Night: Selected Tales by Miklós Bánffy (Miklos Banffy), Len Rix (Translator)
English | 2021|General Fiction/Classics| ePUB | 6 MB

In this stark, haunting collection, Miklós Bánffy narrates with wry wisdom stories of cunning, betrayal and myth ranging from classical antiquity to the Transylvania of his own day. These are communities of sharp rivalries and religious superstition: young Borbálka, about to marry an unsuitable man, receives strange counsel from a suspicious figure in her village; four men seek to exploit the captive Gavrila Lung for money, while mountain wolves howl in the distance; when Old Damaskin betrays his stepson to hold on to his land, his wife extracts bizarre revenge.


Little Borbálka and the Terrifying Safranics
The Satan
The Emperor’s Secret
The Contaminated Planet
Tale from a Mountain Village
Helen in Sparta
The Dying Lion
The Miraculous Tale of Gáspár Lóki
The Tiger
The Stupid Li
The Enchanted Night

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