The Exalting by Dan Allen

The Exalting

The Exalting by Dan Allen
English | 2019 | Sci / fi | ePUB | 713 Kb

The Exalting: On Xahna, the eighth world, cities create their own supreme beings. As the believer fleet flees toward the Xahna to escape total annihilation at the hands of the mega-corporation known as ASP, marine sniper Jet Naman prepares to make first contact. But the fate of Xahna’s greatest power rests in the hands of a seventeen-year-old girl. Young Dana of Norr has found the bloodstone that grants access to the will of all twenty thousand inhabitants of Shoul Falls via their shared symbiotes: the sayathi microbes. The bloodstone offers near limitless power for a druid adept like Dana who can sense and control animals as long as her will lasts. Hunted by extremists who have banned the blood-binding, and pursued by the brutal warlock adepts of the tyrant Vetas-ka, Dana must return the bloodstone to its origin before it falls into the wrong hands. But those hands may be hers. For with each new challenge, the temptation to use the forbidden power grows stronger. Either way, her world is about to change forever.

“Well, if you haven’t the stomach for this sort of thing.” In a flash he drew a short knife and brandished it in the face one trapper and then other. “You best leave her to me and get off my property.”

The trappers let go of her like she was a live rhynoid vine and beat a quick retreat.

“Honestly,” Dana said. “Cut out my tongue?”

Her grandfather laughed until his wheezes ended in a cough. “Alright. Let’s get you away from the scene of the crime.”

Dana gave a grudging look back in the direction of the nox. It would be dead before she got back. That hurt even more than the phantom pains in her leg. “Fine.”

* * *

Dana sat across from her grandfather in his small cabin, ignoring her bowl of bitter broth, and contemplating doing something else completely forbidden.

I can ask him now. My parents will never know.

There were certain things that were forbidden to even discuss in the free city of Norr.

But I’m not in Norr—well not in the city proper. She was still in the jurisdiction of its rangers.

Close enough.

Dana sipped the herbal tea that tasted like scorched dirt with overtones of overripe fruit and smiled at her grandfather, swallowing back the question that beat at her from inside.”

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