The Exclusive Firefly Cookbook by Johny Bomer

The Exclusive Firefly Cookbook: Foods from the Future by Johny Bomer
English |2021 | Food & Drink| ePUB | 15 MB

Have you ever thought about the food in the year 2517? Here in this cookbook, we will present you with the future food taste. If you are a fan of firefly and interested to learn about food people around the world eat, this cookbook is perfect for your interest.
The series and Firefly food are equally exciting. All those foods that you have just seen on your screens are part of this cookbook. All the recipes in this cookbook are hand-picked. We believe that age and expertise do not matter and everybody can cook.

Do you want to through a theme party which meets the modern food taste? We will offer you the perfect solution, select the main course meal, mouth-watering dessert, and appetizer and turn your party into a memorable event.

You will find the following recipes and many others in this cookbook.

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