The Extraordinary Heroes of Uspre by Dorene McLaughlin

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The Extraordinary Heroes of Uspre (The Extraordinary Heroes of Uspre #1) by Dorene McLaughlin
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.4 MB

It’s tough to save the world as a superhero… if you don’t know you are one. Chasing psychopaths isn’t exactly in the curriculum for high school teacher Laney Whyte, busy enough being a single mom. And keeping the city safe from bizarre robotic creatures creates stress for a cop like Donavan Peterson, who can’t keep a badge–or a woman. But fate gives them no choice. When a mysterious band of superheroes draws Donavan and Laney into their offbeat group, the two struggle to adjust to their newfound abilities—not to mention their chaotic feelings for each other. A deranged madman pulls the strings, leading the unsuspecting heroes into a plot to monopolize a valuable geological secret in the Arizona desert. Hunting down this nemesis brings them closer to the mystery of their origin…but shoves them further from the normal life they crave. Saving the world from an evil genius seems an easy choice. Saving themselves from their destiny may prove a little more difficult.

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