The Foreigner in the Attic by Titus Schmitt

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The Foreigner in the Attic by Titus Schmitt
English | 2020| Alternative History| ePUB | 1.3 MB

1966 in the United States looked exactly how pessimists figured it would. Ravaged by war, desperate for hope, and the shell of a mighty nation it once was. From the moment the first nuclear warhead was dropped, the world changed forever. Not necessarily because it brought an enemy to American soil, and not entirely because of the loss of hope. Things changed forever because the ‘Pax Americana’ had ended. People in the west no longer lived in a separate sphere, isolated from the world’s problems. they were now at the center of the world’s biggest problem. Unfortunately, Michael finds himself in the heart of this problem. Trying to do right, trying to do good – despite the evil that surrounds him. Sent on a perilous mission to help push the American effort in the war, he soon discovers things deep down inside that were not previously there. It’s this intrinsic struggle with love, hate, and hope that holds center-stage in Michael’s mind. Amidst the war, beneath the noise, a battle rages. Michael soon discovers the key to this external success is first attaining the victory within, which will only come from defeating the foreigner in the attic.

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