The Forever Night by Steven Kelliher

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The Forever Night by Steven Kelliher (The Landkist Saga Book 5)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.9 MB

Steven is a fighter-turned-writer who resides in the Boston area. A former sports and entertainment writer, he now focuses exclusively on his true passion: epic action fantasy and sci-fi. He wishes all disputes were still settled with a friendly game of hand-to-hand combat, is a fan of awesome things, and tries to write books he’d want to read. He hopes you like them.

After a titanic battle fought among the frozen waves of the north, the War of Sages has come to an end. But as the heroes of the Valley have discovered, the centuries-long conflict between immortals was little more than a prelude.

In the wake of Queen Elanil’s folly, the World Apart has come in force, bringing with it the fury of a dark and vengeful god. The horizon is a ruin. Oceans burn. Last Lake shimmers and shivers under an assault the likes of which the Emberfolk have never seen before.

While the peoples of the world attempt to weather the war that was foretold, Kole, Linn and the heroes of the Valley limp toward the broken lands of the south in the company of the man the Emberfolk have long held up as their greatest enemy. The last Sage is dying. And with him, the last hope for the world.

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