The Forging of Dawn by Jacob Peppers

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The Forging of Dawn

The Forging of Dawn by Jacob Peppers (The Nightfall Wars #0.5)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.2 Mb

The Forging of Dawn : No armies march. No generals marshal their troops on some distant battlefield. Yet the people of Entarna are at war. And they are losing.

The nightwalkers have returned, creatures that roam the darkness searching for anyone foolish or unfortunate enough to find themselves without light to protect them. And the people of Entarna carry lanterns and torches, wielding them as shields against the night’s creatures.

But sooner or later all lights fade. All flames go out.

Torrik and his wife were once soldiers in the war against the Dark. But when their son Alesh was born, they left that life behind them in the hopes of keeping him safe. But Alesh is no normal child, and Torrik will be forced to learn a hard truth.

Mortals plan. Mortals hope. And the gods laugh.

Finding themselves in the center of a conspiracy threatening the entire realm, Torrik and his wife must try to become the people they once were, people they’d thought they’d left behind long ago.

For when all lights go out…darkness reigns.

“Torrik knew these things to be true, for long ago he had been one of those entrusted to watch the darkness, one of those chosen to venture into the shadows and reveal the truths hidden there. A dark past, one of blood and danger, and one he had believed behind him. But a man can never leave his past behind, not truly. This was another truth Torrik had recently come to learn.

A man’s past trailed after him always, waiting, in its own time, to make a lie of the new life he thought to fashion for himself. It was such a past that had brought him here, to this place, that made him cast a suspicious glance at each person as they walked by, waiting for the words he had come to hear, the words he did not want to hear.

His five-year-old son played on the ground behind the stall. The boy must have felt Torrik’s eyes on him, for he glanced up from his play, smiling before turning back to the figurine he held in a small, pudgy hand, one depicting Chosen Olliman, the High Priest who had led Entarna against the nightwalkers during the Night War.

It had been a terrible, bloody struggle, but one in which Olliman and all the country’s people had been victorious, defeating the night’s creatures. But, perhaps that wasn’t true. After all, the creatures had appeared again, hadn’t they? The night, it seemed, had not stayed conquered for long. In his darker moments, Torrik doubted it ever would.”


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