The Forgotten Empire by Raymond L. Weil

 The Forgotten Empire

The Forgotten Empire: War for the Empire (The Forgotten Empire #4) by Raymond L. Weil
English | 2021 |Sci – Fi| ePUB | 3 MB

Raymond L. Weil, a USA Today Best Selling Author, is an independent author with more than 17 books on Amazon. He lives in Clinton Oklahoma with his wife of 39 years and their cats. While attending college at SWOSU in Weatherford Oklahoma, he majored in Math with minors in Creative Writing and History. His hobbies include watching soccer, reading, camping, and of course writing. When he is not posting to his facebook, he is writing science fiction and fantasy.

The war between the seven alien races of the Confederation and the Human Empire heats up in this epic conflict to free the Human Empire from the grip of the Confederation. After their failed attack on Earth, the Confederation is even more determined to bring the Empire back under their control. The Morag lead the massive fleet of Confederation warships to subdue this rebellion in the Empire, and regain their control over the Humans. The fate of the Empire is in the hands of Fleet Admirals Masters and Cleemorl. Where will the Confederation strike first? With the discovery that the Morag have a special talent unbeknownst to the other six races of the Confederation, will this be enough to fracture the Confederation? The war for the Empire is about to begin.

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