The Gates Of Myth by Elisabeth Niederhut (ePUB)

The Gates Of Myth by Elisabeth Niederhut
English | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Series: (Sirena’s Children #4) | 183 KB

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Cassie and her family and friends have moved to a small town in Oregon. With their true identities concealed by magic, it seems they have a chance to live in safety from both the human population and the sirens. What little semblance of peace they’ve created is shattered, however, when Cassie’s past catches up with her. Not only has an amnesic boy she’s sure is Evan shown up on her doorstep, but she’s having crazy dreams about her birth mother. Cassie is sure they’re real and that her mother is alive, but she’s trapped inside the Gates of Myth. Being torn between her love for her siren fiancé, David, and her feelings for Evan is hard enough, but another choice could be even more serious. Can she open the Gates of Myth to save her mother, even if it means unleashing Greek mythology into the modern world? With shades of gray on both sides and ever increasing danger, time is a luxury Cassie may not have.