The Ghoul of Christmas Past by steve higgs

 The Ghoul of Christmas Past

The Ghoul of Christmas Past: Blue Moon Investigations Book 16 by steve higgs
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.6 MB

He lives in the south-east corner of England with a trio of lazy sausage dogs. Surrounded by rolling hills, brooding castles and vineyards, he doubts he will ever leave, the beer is just too good.

Twas the day before Christmas and Michael Michaels is about to upset his wife.
Recent adventures with his son, Tempest, have piqued his need for a little more action in his life …
… but when he finds himself facing off against a giant ghoul a few hours later, he begins to think he should have listened to Mary and stayed at home.
In trouble with the police, in trouble with his wife, and generally just in trouble, Michael Michaels knows he has uncovered a mystery, but just what the heck is going on? A theft from a museum, a missing man, and a scary figure lurking in the shadows … what do they add up to?
Michael has no idea, but he’s going to find out.
With a little help from a certain bookshop owner and his assistants, Tempest’s dad has only a few hours to solve this case. But when the chips are down, does he have what it takes to come up with a cool line at the right time? Or is he just another pensioner trying to do more than his old bones will allow?
The paranormal? It’s all nonsense, but proving it might just get them all killed.

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