The Girl and the Cursed Lake by A.J. Rivers

 The Girl and the Cursed Lake

The Girl and the Cursed Lake (Emma Griffin FBI Mystery Book 12) by A.J. Rivers
English | 2021 |Mystery & Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

A.J. Rivers loves all things mystery and thriller. Growing up in a sleepy small town, A.J. spent her days enthralled in crime solving novels and movies. She started creating stories at a young age to escape and create adventures for herself.

There are nightmares in this world you cannot escape.
For Dean, the haunting of his past is one he cannot leave behind…
How much of the past do you carry with you?
It’s a question FBI Agent Emma Griffin has dealt with throughout her career.
This time is different.
Months after a case brought her face to face with her own past and an unresolved disappearance that haunted her, she finds herself delving into the past of one of those closest to her. She learns about the turning moment of Dean’s life and the torment that still follows him as they try to find closure for him.
The investigation brings up another question possibly more difficult than the first.
What do you believe?
A mountain campground abandoned after years of deaths and disappearances is said to be cursed. Those who trespass there are said to encounter lingering ghosts. Emma doesn’t believe in either but is drawn into the darkness of the unsolved cases and how they interweave with her life and the life of those she loves the most. When there’s another disappearance, she must shift through what is real, and what isn’t, to end the inescapable nightmare of the abandoned campground. And to help bring the truth to its mystifying and horror-filled past.
Nothing is as it seems. But one thing is for certain.
The case of the Cursed Lake is not a dream.
It’s Dean’s worst nightmare.

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