The Girl at Sunset by Fabio Boaro

The Girl at Sunset

The Girl at Sunset by Fabio Boaro (The Red Sword #1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy |ePUB | 3.0 MB

In the strange land of Zanar, an island surrounded by four great oceans, the sun rose and set with the seasons. The emperor that ruled this quiet and beautiful empire with a sense of justice and honor has died without leaving an heir… Uncertainty and concern now spread among the inhabitants of all the neighboring lands. Who will inherit the throne? Is there anyone even worthy of being their emperor? Will the people and the lands be safe in the tumultuous times to come? Elsewhere, Meda Mcdren is enjoying her life on the farm, unaware of her role in the events to come. One day, she is kidnapped for no apparent reason by a group of brigands. Dragged away from her native village, Meda is scared and confused… As she loses all hope, she is saved by a mysterious and fearless warrior named Reis… This brave and quiet fighter and his friend Chick take Meda back home… but their adventures are only beginning… As the imperial forces try to capture Reis and Meda, he must show incredible bravery and mental fortitude. The danger is growing closer and Reis, for mysterious reasons of his own, decides to fight the empire on Meda’s behalf. He takes her with him and they try to run… As they travel together, Meda starts to understand Reis’ true nature… And they uncover the secret that could cost Meda her life… Now that Reis knows why the imperial forces keep chasing them, he will have to make a difficult decision… As the enemy soldiers approach them, Reis is called to defend his honor and Meda’s legacy! Will Reis manage to defend this girl and succeed in his mission? Or will the Lieutenant Selter Cross make his nefarious intentions real? Will Meda take charge of her destiny or will she continue to hide?

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