The Golden Number Ratio Principle by Elliot McGucken

The Golden Number Ratio Principle

The Golden Number Ratio Principle: Why the Fibonacci Numbers Exalt Beauty and How to Create PHI Compositions in Art, Design, & Photography: An Artistic by Elliot McGucken
English |October 31st 2016 |General| ePUB | 20.4 MB

Not only is this book a most excellent and concise introduction to the art, history, math, and science of the golden number, but it also calls us to adventure, inspiring us to study and use PHI in our own art, design, and life philosophies. It’s filled with beautiful classical art and contemporary photography testifying to the beauty of the golden ratio. I especially loved the golden ratio ballerina photography.” –Kelly Bennett

A few years back the golden ratio began showing up in award-winning-physicist Dr. Elliot McGucken’s fine art photography. The golden harmonies—golden rectangles, triangles, and spirals—were appearing in his bestselling art, as well as in his published photographs including the cover of N-Photo magazine. “Why is this?” Dr. E simply asked. And so Dr. E set off on an epic journey, culminating in the “Golden Number Ratio Principle,” which provides the scientific, artistic, and mathematical reasons for the beauty of PHI.

Filled with classical art, architecture, photography, and simple, commonsense explanations and diagrams, this book is a love letter for all the fans and aficionados of the golden ratio. For the first time in the history of the golden number, the scientific, mathematical, and aesthetic reasons for the golden cut’s inherent beauty are married in a single, simple principle. The artistic and scientific wisdom in this concise book may be used to not only easily refute the myriad skeptics and naysayers, but to recruit and reform them.

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