The Golden Tablet by Andrew Regin

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The Golden Tablet by Andrew Regin (Guardians #2)
English | 2021|Fantasy|ePUB| 7 MB

As William and Anita settle into their new lives in the Forbidden Forest, they discover a mystery hiding among the towering redwoods. They had always thought they lived alone among the dragons in the Forest, but a young girl named Beth has somehow found her way where no other human should be.It soon becomes apparent that the girl has the mystical gifts of both male and female Guardians. There is little time to ponder what this might mean, however, for the Golden Tablet has been stolen!For millennia, the Tablet has been safe in its grotto, providing protection for the Forest. When they find it missing, it is the duty of the Guardians to retrieve it and save their home.Join William, Anita, and Beth as they trek across the country in search of the fabled artifact, learning along the way about life, love, and what it means to become a family and create ties that are even stronger than blood.

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